is a not-for-profit initiative to improve children’s English education around the world.

English Literacy Transforms Lives

Charity can create dependency. Education builds self-sufficiency. Literacy skills, particularly in the global business language of English, bring employment prospects, international awareness and self-sufficiency. It’s an investment that transforms generations. For many children around the world, English skills are the ONLY chance for a better life.

Our Work

We are developing free educational materials and teacher training to improve English literacy. These include:
  • downloadable flash cards
  • printable work sheets
  • an effective children’s English curriculum
  • teaching ideas and resources
  • chants and songs
  • an online picture dictionary
  • online games, videos, animations and interactive story books

Technology and self-paced learning has the potential to revolutionize the industry, however, the most needy children do not have access to the Internet and computers yet. That will change over the next decade as smart phones and Internet costs plummet. Technological solutions are a critical part of our work, however, we are also focused on helping the most needy, now. That is still largely non-technical.


This is what the XPRIZE Foundations says:

With over 60 million children not receiving primary education, basic education and literacy is a significant global Grand Challenge. The XPRIZE Foundation believes a technological breakthrough is needed in the tools and toys for learning and thinking. These include accessibility, quality, scalability, and customization of systems and techniques to learn, both inside and outside the educational establishment. A Global Literacy XPRIZE has been conceptualized to rethink learning by harnessing innovation and technology and by placing the capability and desire to become educated into the hands of the learner. The prize has the potential to change what people think is possible regarding the means and methods used to teach and learn.


The ABCfrog Advantage

We already have the online platform and most of the resources developed. We have an innovative curriculum, honed over a decade of teaching English as a Foreign Language Children. It works. Now we need to scale.

With our low operating costs, we can achieve more on a tiny fraction of the budget of larger organizations. More importantly, we will be able to self-fund much of our work with the revenues from our TEFL job site,

We need your help to get there.

If you are an experienced English teacher, you can help. Here is what you can do: - Teach Children English Resources

  • get interviewed about your teaching experiences on
  • write articles about the country you teach in
  • submit teaching game ideas
  • use and recommend our websites
  • share our content on popular social media platforms
  • volunteer to edit and create new resources

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